The   family   Method

This particular strategy is best suited to families or groups with similar eating patterns, stuck in habits that don't quite benefit the team. With this in mind, a good coordinator can contact their coach for the best possible advice in order to help guide the team to victory.


The difference between coaching an individual and coaching a group is the amount of variables to consider for our coaches. Each individual differs in their own way. taking this into consideration our coaches will offer group orientated eating strategies and lifestyle changes to fit in and enrich the groups lifestyles for the better.

Lost weight but gained it back?

Our coaches have been trained to to take all factors into consideration to find the best viable solution to help our clients lose weight if this may be a goal of yours.


The problem that many coaches outside of TGPC come across is that once their clients lose weight, their clients leave their program and end up gaining that weight back because their coach had given them the wrong tools to further succeed outside of their program.


At TGPC we offer the correct tools to help our clients make natural lifestyle changes while their with us, sustain their results once they're ready to leave and further succeed outside of our program.

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