The   competition  Method 

If you're looking to compete, or be in the best condition to strut your stuff on the beach, this may be the strategy you're looking for. Achieving such a condition can be a very tedious task. For many, this requires the ability to withstand only chicken, broccoli and rice for months on end. This is torture for the majority of people with functioning taste buds, and can be extensively exhausting.


At TGPC we have constructed a tastier, less time intensive method to achieve the same results. As time goes on, recipes get better, processes become simpler, and as of today, results become more inevitable than ever. Having introduced a refreshing twist to such a task has made it less of a task to many of the competitors we have coached. We strive to instill the ability to make better choices for our clients from the moment they become part of our family.

Strategy for success.

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